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Thief Of Hearts: a Michelle Forbes fan community.
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This is the first and only Michelle Forbes community in livejournal. It's thought to be a place where we can share everything we find about her and make a great database with everything related to Michelle and her characters. It's also a place to discuss her roles or anything you can think of (always related to her).

There's no specific requirements for joining but if you have just created your journal you will probably be rejected. We want to make sure that no spam or trolls join the community so, if you've just created the account, you can watch the community and comment. Once you have posted something on your journal or filled your profile (and have joined other communities and friended other users) you should apply. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate on contacting arkady_ to solve them.

Born in Austin (Texas) on the 8th of January, 1967, Michelle moved to New York at age 16 looking for success and four years later she got a role on the drama The Guiding Light, which earned her a daytime Emmy nomination for her dual role as Sonni/Solita, known by many as one of the best soap villainesses of all time.

This leads her to play a series of roles in such films as Kalifornia, Swimming With Sharks and Escape from L.A., among others, as well as recurrent roles in such know series as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Homicide: Life on the Street and 24, aside from guest roles on a lot more series (the latests are Battlestar Galactica and Prison Break).

As peculiar data, she's played the enigmatic Miranda Zero, the leader of the Global Frequency (a TV series which never saw the light despite having the pilot recorded) and she also was the voice of Judith Mossman in the video game Half Life 2.

She's just guest started on Battlestar Galactica: Razor (aired on November 24th, 2007).

Oh, she is almost like a force of nature, in a way. Her focus and her intensity, I have to say she made this one of the easiest jobs I've ever done, in a sense, because responding to what she provides on set as a fellow actor is absolutely effortless; you just have to listen to her and watch her. Yes, she's incredible. I'd recommend working with her to anyone. (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen)

She is an amazing actor and a truly wonderful woman. She is very sweet, intelligent and very funny and fun loving. (Aaron Douglas)

She's got a smoky sensuality. (Clark Johnson)

The thing about Michelle, though, it's she's like Eddie: They're both such captains, they're real captains on the set in each of their sides of the show and you see that working with them and what I've heard is it's the way Michelle brings such intensity to this world, she inspire a lot of her actors too, including Stephanie. (Ron Moore)


A little bit shy and with an adorable smile on her lips she entered the stage and enchanted the audience immediately. [...] the friendly smiling actress, who looks delicate and a little bit fragile because of her training in ballet [...] (Convention report about the 2008 FedCon from startrek.de)

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1) Respect the other members. If you disagree in something you can say it in a polite way, there's no need to be rude. None kind of discrimination is allowed.

2) Every post must have something related to Michelle (a pic, a comment, news...) or her characters.

3) If you take anything, follow the rules of the owner. Don't steal. And it'd be nice to comment saying what you're taking; it takes time to make fanart or post pics and no more than 5 seconds to say thanks.

4) Spoilers must be under a cut and you must warn of them. No one likes to discover things they don't want to know.

5) If you're going to post a graphic bigger than 300x200 (or more than 3 icons), put it behind a cut. With reviews or comments, it goes the same rule: if your post is too long, put it behind a cut.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can tell us here.


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